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I am pleased to present myself as a Trade Finance Trainer and Consultant for the business sectors and the banking industry. I am also a HRDF Certified Trainer (No. TTT/9506) and recently awarded a Certified Training Professional (CTP) by Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA).

I began my career in the banking industry upon graduation and have clocked 30 years of banking experience, almost entirely on Trade Financing, specializing in trade finance operations and marketing of trade finance products. A large part of my time i s spent on training and education, and it gave me great satisfaction to impart my knowledge and expertise to the bank's staff and clients alike.


I am proud to mention that my vast experience and expertise in this field has earned me the privilege and opportunity of an association and involvement with Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM) as a member on some of their projects, among which are:-

-         Board of Examiners as Examination Reviewer

-         International Chamber of Commerce as Task Force of UCP600

-         Part-time tutor for  various IBBM examination subjects


In addition, I have also published and contributed articles related to Trade financing to the STAR newspapers.

Besides IBBM, I was also associated with Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) for Seminars on Financial facilities and Export Assistance for Manufacturers.

My involvement in the liberalization of Exchange Control of Malaysia (ECM now known as Foreign Exchange Administration Rules) due to Currency Crisis in 1998, and active participation and good working relationship with Bank Negara Malaysia towards the subsequent liberalizations of the Rules have made me an expert in this area, too. I was a Trainer/Consultant for Asian Banking School (ABS) from January 2017 to March 2017 specializing in Foreign Exchange Administration Rules & Trade Finance courses. With the importance of knowledge on Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), I am also able to assist you in conducting training on creating awareness on AMLA.

You are most welcomed to browse through my webpage for topics on my training programs and other interesting topics, viz. the glossary, case studies and trade quiz.. Learn Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange Control Admin rules right here on this site.

For more information and enquiries, please write or contact me at [email protected] or mobile no. +6 0162805145 or browse https://zolkifli-trainer4trade.webs.com/ for my training programmes including special articles, glossary of trade, case studies and foreign exchange administration rules. Another website of ours has also been launched: 

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Zolkifli Bin Bidin


The reality of the strict compliance rule

J Marofi (KhabhaiTalaee2)

"You bankers are technicians. Your job is to compare the documents with the documentary credit, the UCP and the documents with themselves, none ofwhich requires any discretion on your part!"

02nd July 2018